LD37 theme: "One room"

Mostly an experiment in seeing what it takes to create an economic game with a bunch of variables. You can jump in and make trades and accumulate the most products, and the various factions will consume, produce, and trade amongst themselves (only between weeks).

Under the hood they have relationships with each other, happiness, and vices like gluttony and decadence. Of course, I haven't really revealed this in the UI due to time, so trust me, I guess?

Everything designed over the weekend by me.

  • Art: gimp
  • Sounds: bfxr
  • Engine: GameMaker Sudio 1.4


TRotMK-JamVersion-1.0.0.exe 3 MB
TRotMK-PostJam-1.0.1.exe 3 MB
TRotMK-PostJam-1.0.1.apk 11 MB

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